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April 16, 2020

Music & Mini Program: How to Cope with Grace

While concerts are cancelled worldwide, some are leveraging the power of WeChat platform to soothe people’s hearts with music.

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra brings concerts online

On April 8, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra launched its WeChat mini program to connect with music lovers. According to the China Performance Industry Association, over 20,000 performances were cancelled or postponed in the first three months, resulting in a direct box office loss of 2.4 billion RMB. With more than 140 years of history, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has adapted to the situation with grace.

Through this mini program, music lovers could listen to over 120 classical music pieces played by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, enjoy wonderful moments from past concerts and participate in the master classes to learn the secrets of playing various instruments including violin, harp and flute. Music lovers could even order some unique souvenirs such as baton-shaped USB and fan with musical notes.

Three live concerts named Love, Hope and Spring were live-streamed via mini program, attracting over three million audience. Thanks to the HD camera, audience could even see the subtle expressions and motions of each musician and fully immerse in this vivid experience.

Amusingly, this mini program is called “A Bowl of Wonton”, which is the nickname of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Because its music hall resembles the wonton skin and wonton is the favorite of Shanghainese.

Credit: Roman Vyshyvanov

China National Theater launches “Private Tunes”

Classical music channel by China National Theater may sound very serious. It has made its mini program surprisingly friendly and appealing to young people. With AI and algorithm embedded into the mini program, anyone who is curious to discover classical music but doesn’t know what to listen could take a test to find out his or her music match.

Classical music is also recommended through ten beautiful scenarios, such as “may the magic of music heal you” and “life is not a lonely solo, but a chord of love”. Whether people wish to exercise, relax or do some mental travelling, they could find the music that fits their needs. Moreover, they could also send the music as a gift to their loved ones.

To further spread positive energy through music, China National Theater decided in March to set a token price of 0.01 RMB for purchasing each classical music piece played by its top musicians.

Hospitals experiment with music healing

In Guangzhou, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University launched a music healing mini program. Experts have classified music into different albums to help people cope with loneliness, fear, anxiety and sleep disorder. Just like medicine, each music piece has clear descriptions of its effect and target audience.

In early March, this mini program was rolled out at the mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan, which were designed to contain and treat patients with light symptoms. In addition to preventing further spread, hospitals could monitor them closely and provide timely treatment in case their symptoms get severe. But still, some were so worried that they couldn’t fall asleep. “This mini program helps me imagine lying by the sea and listen to tides,” one patient says. “Music comforts my heart.” An instant hit after its launch, this mini program has attracted over 10,000 daily users, including patients as well as doctors and nurses who deserve a moment of relaxation.

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