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April 7, 2020

Opportunity in a Crisis: What Can Businesses Do?

From live-streaming yoga lessons to offering fresh grocery delivery, businesses have more digital tools than ever to reach customers at home. We take a look at some smart practices using the WeChat platform, and hopefully inspire businesses to survive and thrive in this challenging time.

Bring airline services to mobile

In March 2020, Etihad airways launched its own WeChat mini program, becoming one of the pilot international airlines to offer services on China’s largest digital platform with over 1 billion active users.

This presents Etihad with the opportunity to engage guests on their preferred platform and elevate the customer experiences. “It is in line with our strategy of providing choice and customisation for our guests based on their preferences," says Robin Kamark, chief commercial officer of Etihad Aviation Group.

Chinese airlines are no stranger to WeChat mini program. China Eastern Airlines already offers a wide range of services via its mini program, enabling passengers to monitor the luggage status in real-time, check the transfer maps and fill in the health declaration digitally to minimize the infection risks.

Terracotta Army on WeChat Mini Program

Travel around 300 museums from home

While museums are closed worldwide, 300 digital museums are open on Baike Museum Project, a WeChat mini program developed by the leading Chinese search engine Baidu.

From Gaudí museum to even Notre-Dame de Paris before fire, visitors could travel to world-famous museums from their homes. Moreover, they could enjoy audio tours recorded by their favorite celebrities.

This digital experience is more vivid than ever, thanks to AR, VR and 360 degree panoramic photography with 20 billion pixel image resolution available. Visitors can see China's Terracotta Army up close and tell the subtle facial expressions. This is not even possible at the site, as visitors are not allowed to get too close to this “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

Retail through live-streaming

While most retailers suffer from shut downs, some smart ones are doing better than ever. During the covid-19 outbreak, China’s beauty brand Perfect Diary turned its beauty consultants to live-streaming hosts on WeChat mini program. During the live-streaming sessions, they showed makeup try-ons, shared beauty trends and ran lucky-draws to give away free lipsticks. These sessions went so well that they attracted over 140,000 customers.

“I tell jokes, play games and chat with customers via live-streaming. Instead of getting bored and lonely at home, our customers get closer to us than ever,” says one host.

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