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March 27, 2020

GASSAN Diamonds launches overseas WeChat Mini Program

WeGoEU has developed a dedicated WeChat Mini Program for GASSAN Diamonds. GASSAN Diamonds is a Dutch family owned diamond and jewelry business, representing craftmanship, proven quality and reliability for almost 75 years. Their core business is polishing diamonds and being an official dealer of over 20 of the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands and over 60 of the world’s most exclusive watch brands. Thereby they also offer two uniquely in-house developed, designed and manufactured brands.

Next to polishing diamonds and giving advice about jewelry, they educate visitors from all over the world about the famous four C’s (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut) that together determine the final value of each diamond. Every visitor can book a free tour at their diamond factory and discover the magical world of GASSAN Diamonds.

Currently GASSAN Diamonds has multiple boutiques in The Netherlands and at the airport in Singapore.

The wish of GASSAN Diamonds was to create a dedicated MiniProgram wherein there would be room for sharing the story behind their family-owned business including some history and showing all the jewelry brands and products they sell. The result is a very comprehensive WeChat Mini Program wherein we found the right balance between visualization and information.

WeGoEU has built this Mini Program in the cloud by means of a Content Management System. This Content Management System with holds a simple interface, which makes it very easy for GASSAN Diamonds to make changes to the content in the future.

The visuals below show what the GASSAN DIAMONDS MiniProgram looks like, as you can see  it exists of four different pages:

  1. “Home” – On this page there is room for storytelling about GASSAN Diamonds: what are their core beliefs and how did it all start, their Diamond Experience Tour, and the different brands they have designed and offer.
  2. “Products” – A detailed overview is given of all the different brands they offer, including the story behind this brand and their specific products.
  3. “Stores” – This page is all about finding the right store. It gives you the opportunity to find a store nearby based on your current location.
  4. “Me” – This page entails multiple elements: your personal wish list of products that you would like to have; general information about GASSAN Diamonds; how to get in contact with customer service if necessary; the opportunity to change the language of the Mini Program to English completely; and last but not least a connection to the WeChat Go Europe Mini Program.
The GASSAN Diamonds WeChat MiniProgram

The final element on the “Me”-page is another Mini Program developed by WeGoEU and entails a complete online travel companion for Chinese tourists visiting Europe. In this Mini Program Chinese travelers can, for example, get assistance in applying for a visa to Europe, reserve restaurants, buy tickets for museums or attractions, get access to public transport options and book a taxi from/to the airport.

By linking these two Mini Programs to each other we can built a complete and seamless online ecosystem for the Chinese tourist that will serve them in every step of their journey!

Both Mini Programs can be directly found via the following QR Codes:

MiniProgram QR Codes of WeChat Go Europe and GASSAN

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