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August 24, 2020

The Rijksmuseum Enriches their Chinese Visitor Journey with WeChat

The Rijksmuseum is the most famous museum for Chinese tourists visiting Amsterdam. But how can The Rijksmuseum make sure that these Chinese have a wonderful experience while getting the most out of them? Since their language and daily habits are so completely different than what we in the Western world are used to, this can be a hard job! However, we have fixed it for The Rijksmuseum, and in this article we will show you how. But first, some explanations are needed for you to understand what we did, so buckle up and be ready!
Key Takeaways:
  • Get to know what WeChat is and what it entails for the Chinese
  • Learn about the value of having your own online presence in WeChat by means of a WeChat Mini Program
  • See and engage with the customized WeChat Mini Program that has been built for The Rijksmuseum
  • Learn how this solution helps the Rijksmuseum in enriching their Chinese Visitor journey.

WeChat? What is that?

While reading the title of this article, I heard you thinking: “WeChat? What is that?”. WeChat is a mobile application that provides users an entire digital ecosystem in just one single application. WeChat is hugely popular in China and has 1.1 billion active users that on average spend 90 minutes per day. The founder of WeChat is the Chinese company called Tencent.  

WeChat has many different features that we know in the Western world as well, the main ones are:  

  1. WeChat messaging and calling, which is just like Whatsapp;
  2. WeChat Moments, which is their social media channel just like Instagram and Twitter;
  3. WeChat Pay, which is their payment method just like we have online debit card solutions;
  4. WeChat Mini Programs, which can be like any mobile application we have as it can be customized to your own wishes.Meaning that it is some sort of World Wide Web on its own inside WeChat. I will tell you more about this feature later on in the article; and
  5. …. there are many more features, which I will not tire you with now!

One final thing that is important to know about the Chinese and WeChat though is the use of QR codes. When walking in China,there are QR codes everywhere on the streets, it is their way to shift from the offline to the online world in a split second at any time, at any place. Thus, Chinese will always, when they see a QR code somewhere, feel the need to scan it immediately!

An Online Presence for the Rijksmuseum in WeChat

Now that you know what WeChat is and how the Chinese are using and interacting with it on a daily basis, you might understand why it can be extremely valuable for any type of company to be present in this online Chinese mysterious world! It is an easy way to interact and engage with them in their “own” online world.

The best way to create a presence in WeChat is via a customized WeChat Mini Program (see feature 4 mentioned earlier). In such a Mini Program you are able to really showcase your own brand via different pages. Many parties, both commercial and noncommercial, have created such Mini Programs already.  And now, we have created one for The Rijksmuseum!

The Solution:“The Rijksmuseum WeChat Mini Program”

The visuals below show you what the Rijksmuseum Mini Program looks like. You see four different pages, for each will be explained what you see.

  1. “Home” – On this page there is room for storytelling about The Rijksmuseum: general info that is important to know such as opening times and the option to buy a ticket, specific collections or themes are being highlighted, and the Museum Shop and Café are being shown etc. This information can of course be adjusted at any time!
  2. "Audio” – An overview is given of all the different collection items including an audio fragment that explains the item, of course in Chinese.
  3. “Map” – This page is all about finding your way through the museum. It gives you the opportunity to plan a specific route
  4. “Me” – This page entails multiple elements: your personal wish list of products that you would like to have from the Museum Shop; how to get in contact with customer service if necessary; the opportunity to change the language of the Mini Program to English completely.

Good to know is that we have built this Mini Program in the cloud by means of a Content Management System. This Content Management System withholds a simple interface, which makes it very easy for The Rijksmuseum to make changes to the content themselves in the future.

To conclude, I think it becomes visible that this Mini Program gives The Rijksmuseum a great chance to educate their Chinese visitors while also being able to commercially engage with them in a great manner. Is your museum up next?

Interested to experience the Mini Program in real life? Create a WeChat account yourself and scan the following QR Code, which will bring you in the Rijksmuseum WeChat Mini Program in a split second!

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