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February 6, 2020


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KEYNOTE:China Strategy 2.0

Why do retailers struggle to make more sales after the launch of a Tmall store? Why are marketing campaigns not appealing for younger Chinese travelers? How can I attract and retain the right Chinese talents?

These are all challenges that Nissi often hears and sees in the market. In this session he will address the challenges and discuss with you the   best practices from Dutch Tmall and WeChat users.

PROFILE: Nissi Tjhin

Nissi Tjhinhas worked for European and US internet companies for nearly 20 years.

In 2014 he invested in a leading Dutch influencer agency and e-commerce companies such as Goodiebox.

Today Nissi works closely with Alibaba, WeChat and Chinese influencers in fashion, music and luxury retail.

Besides that, he helps European and Chinese companies with strategy, staffing and sales conversion.

In2019 Nissi has initiated the Dutch Tmall and WeChat user group on Emerce.

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